UPerk, A Place to Be.

I love coffee. Anyone who has known me for an extended amount of time has probably picked up on the fact that I am always carrying a ceramic coffee mug and I coordinate them with my outfits. I have a coffee pot in my room and it’s set to brew 5 minutes before my alarm[…]

Welcome Week Recap

We are grateful for all the work that went into a successful welcome week for incoming and returning students! Specifically, we’d like to thank our volunteers and contributors from Westminster Presbyterian, Farragut Presbyterian, Sequoyah Hills Presbyterian, and West Emory Presbyterian, as well as our interns, Jaclyn and Katherine, and all the board members who used some[…]

Welcome Back, Welcome Home

We’re only  a week away from the start of the fall semester, which means everyone is busy moving into dorms, rearranging class schedules, and enjoying the last few minutes of summer. Exciting things (and people) are coming our way and we’d like you to be a part of it all. Before the obligations of academia[…]