FootVol Parking

Every autumn we open our parking lot and front lawn to fervent Tennessee fans who want a convenient parking spot for home football games with plenty of space to tailgate. FootVol Parking is our primary fundraiser, so we do all we can to accommodate those who are willing to partner with us in this endeavor. 

Located on Melrose Avenue alongside other campus ministry houses, UKirk, affiliated with the PC(USA), is “a home away from home” for any and all students who need one. Presbyterian or otherwise, we provide a safe space for inquiry, study, pastoral care, and fellowship, where students can develop lifelong friendships and find refuge. UKirk participants enjoy weekly worship during the academic year, annual retreats, and area mission work, along with other outings and activities that require financial support. Through FootVol Parking, we are able to fund UKirk programming, offer internships, and provide a secure, welcoming place for students to enjoy throughout their time at the University of Tennessee.


How It Works

FootVol Parking is a two-tiered auction for 39 spaces. The top parking lot on Melrose Avenue offers 25 spaces with a starting bid of $350 per space, while the lower lot on Caledonia Avenue and the sloped lawn on the left side of the house offers 14 spaces at a starting bid of $250.

Please refer to the numbered map for clarity: FootVol parking map

Parking spaces go to the highest bidder. (We maintain communication throughout the summer to notify those who have been outbid.) Once the space is secured, the winning bidder will receive a parking tag to use for all seven home games. Tailgating is allowed no sooner than four hours before kick-off. The downstairs kitchen and living space (with TV) in the UKirk house is available for use, which is a nice perk during inclement weather. We offer a family-friendly environment, though supervision is required when children are in the house.

Place A Bid

We hope you’ll consider partnering with UKirk at UTK next fall for an incredible season of Tennessee football. More so, we appreciate your support so we can continue to provide a “home away from home” for our students. To place a bid for a parking space, please contact us at For more information about UKirk at UTK, call  (865) 394-9242.

BasketVol Parking

We are now selling BasketVol (Mens and Lady Vols) parking passes! These passes are on a first come first serve basis for a fee of $150 for the season. The parking spots that are available for BasketVol parking are the 10 spots in our front yard and the 4 spots in our side yard. Please email for more information or to reserve your spot today!