I keep coming back to this.

And my Lord I have so many essays to write and here I am doing this.

I’ll be brief.

So last week I went to a discussion about religion in politics held by the PCUSA ministry and a non-denominational one. Two different ministries with a wide spectrum of political identities.

It was a peaceful, loving, and concerned discussion. We took communion at the end of it.


As I’m getting in line to break off my bread and dip it in the grape juice, another girl walks up at the same time. She tells me I can go first. Now, she was just being polite. And I wasn’t intending to make it into some demonstration. I’m just awkward and also trying to be kind.

Without much thought I put my arm around her shoulder and we approached the table side by side.

Now, I am not trying to vault myself above others. Like I said – I’m just awkward. But that image stuck with me. God has a great sense of humor where He sometimes turns my awkwardness into something useful.

This bleeding heart just wants to see a Nation where we can learn that our end goal, as a nation, is not a first come, first serve situation. Just like the Lord’s Table, there is plenty of room here for everyone. We can approach our end goal hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, and side by side. There needn’t be lines and races and fear.

Though we may differ, there is a chair for all of us. So put down the pitchforks and trade in your running shoes for saintly sandals. There’s so much bread to break.

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